Whisky Reviews

The only thing I truly know about whisky is that everyone experiences it in a unique way. Even the most experienced connoisseurs will disagree on what a particular whisky tastes like. Given that fact, what point is there in providing reviews and tasting notes? Some people enjoy the guidance of tasting notes. How much of this is psychosomatic, I have no idea, but there is also an art to understanding tasting notes. If you read enough of them from the same people you start to see a trend in their expressions and they become more useful. So by this logic we will provide some good old fashion tasting notes for the various whiskies we encounter.

There are a few points we want to address to make these reviews more useful to you:

1. We will try to give both our tasting notes for every whisky we post so that you get two perspectives.

2. We will try to link tasting notes from other sources so that you can get a better consensus of the whisky.

2. We will try to relate the whisky to some other more common whisky to give a hopefully useful comparison.

We assume that you are reading our tasting notes because you are interested in purchasing a particular whisky and would like to get a better idea of whether or not you’ll like it. To this effect we hope to provide useful information.

Warning: My tasting notes can be dramatic and abstract. That’s just the way I roll. -TheMadVatter

Here is a breakdown of our point rating system:

Point Definition:

1-2 = Should probably avoid if possible

2-3 = Would not purchase this.

4-5 = Would purchase this if very cheap.

6-7 = Good. Would buy depending on price.

8-9 = Very good. Would buy unless super expensive.

10 = Excellent. Would buy almost regardless of price.


Scottish Whiskies

Japanese Whiskies




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