Benromach 10


The Benromach 10 was the whisky that led me to the rabbit hole of whiskyland. AliceInWhiskyland bought me a bottle for my birthday and it’s been a best friend ever since. It’s actually the 3rd whisky I’ve ever tried and the expression that I have bought more than any other. So it definitely has a place in my heart and cupboard.


Distillery: Benromach

Expression: 10 years old

Age: 10

ABV: 43%

Price: ~£35 (£34.63 from Master of Malt)

Note: This is an older batch of the Benromach 10 from when they came in copper coloured tins. Newer batches seem to have a slightly different profile that is a bit peatier.


According to Benromach, the 10 year old is comprised of only first fill sherry and bourbon casks. Benromach make peated and unpeated whisky and I believe they mix the two to make expressions like these since their peaty whiskies are relatively high ppm’s of about 50-60. This expression is quite peaty for a speyside but definitely no where near the Benromach Peat Smoke expression.

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