Laphroaig 18 Year Old


The Laphroaig 18 made it’s debut in 2009. It filled a spot left open by the discontinued 15 year old. I am not sure why it is bottled at the unusual 48% but I’d like to think it is because they thought it was the right ABV to carry the flavours through and felt it was important enough to shrug off the standard 40%, 43%, and 46% ABV’s of the industry. There are some rumours that they will be phasing out this particular expression in 2016. It shall certainly be unfortunate and I fear it may be a move toward more NAS whiskies like Macallan have been doing. Well let’s hope for the best!

Distillery: Laphroaig

Age: 18 Years Old

ABV: 48%

Price: ~£90 (£85.79 from Master of Malt)

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