Longrow Red Shiraz Cask (2nd Edition) 11 Year Old

Longrow_Red_ShirazBefore the Longrow Red Pinot Noir and before the much loved Longrow Red Port, came the Longrow Red Shiraz. It is however not the first in the Longrow line up, that would be the Longrow Red Cabernet Sauvignon. For a full list of the Longrow Red series see our Longrow Red Pinot Noir post.

In case you are unfamiliar with the Longrow Red series or with Longrow in general, Longrow is a range of expressions that is distilled at the Springbank distillery. However, unlike the usual Springbank spirit, Longrow is heavily peated and distilled twice (“Springbank spirit” is distilled 2.5 times). The Longrow Red series contains expressions that were matured partially or fully in red wine casks. Hence the “Red” in Longrow Red.

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