Royal Mile Whiskies (Edinburgh Whisky Shop)


Royal MIle Whiskies Shop Breakdown

Location: 379 High Street, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH1 1PW

Phone: +44 (0)131 225 3383


Opening times: Varies by season, see website for current hours.

Attributes: Very competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff, beautiful old world decor.

Advice: Make sure you find the real one. During tourist season (Summer) the shop gets busy and it’s not a large shop.

The one and only Royal Mile Whiskies shop! As the name would suggest it does indeed sit upon the Royal Mile (High Street) in Edinburgh (actually they have another location by the same name in London but this is the original). In fact it commands quite the location being opposite of St. Giles Cathedral which is on the more touristy side of North Bridge (the road that goes over the bridge with the stunning view of the Castle). The overall look of the place is almost too perfectly old world charm. Its wooden framed front windows featuring displays seemingly right out of “Martin Dressler: Tale of an American Dreamer” and victorian library interior scream tourist trap. Indeed that’s what I thought when I first came to Edinburgh.

I can vaguely recall my first experience there going something like this:

From the outside – “Well this place looks fancy, I guess I’ll just have a peak.”

Upon entering – “This place is fancy! I bet all the prices are inflated to take advantage of tourists. Better make a run for it before someone talks to me.” (without even looking at the prices)

After departure – “Phew! That could have been costly and awkward.”

However, I could not have been more wrong about the place! I suspect other people have made the same mistake as I once did. What I later discovered is that RMW (Royal Mile Whiskies) is in fact one of the best places in Edinburgh to purchase whiskies. The reason being that they also have a sizeable online store with online competitive pricing and unlike some hybrid shops, their in-shop prices are the same as their online prices. So basically, it would be hard to find a shop with better average pricing than these merchants. They also carry an impressive range of rare bottlings for the thirsty millionaire to purchase or the curious average alcoholic to gander.

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