SMWS 35.139 (Glen Moray) Punchy Spice Explosion


It seems the Scotch Malt Whisky Society has a collection of Glen Moray’s in unusual casks. At least this is judging from their recent releases of Glen Moray. I’m not sure if this was of their own design or if they were already filled in these casks before they purchased them. Seeing as how Glen Moray seem to be on the more experimental side of distilling, I would not be surprised if they had put together an assortment of odd casks and sold some to SMWS. Either way I appreciate it! I only wonder if Glen Moray will be releasing similarly interesting expressions in the future.

Here we have a 20 year old Glen Moray matured in a first fill toasted hogshead. This is notable for at least 2 reasons. First is that a first fill cask typically has a shorter maturation period because they impart more flavours faster. So the whisky is usually deemed ready at a younger age. Thus older first fill cask bottlings are somewhat rare. Second is that the cask was toasted a second time. Usually the casks will be toasted before being used to age bourbon. The Scottish distilleries will usually put their spirit directly into the ex-bourbon casks without too much fuddling around with the cask except for maybe resizing it into a hogshead (bigger than a barrel). However, in this instance it appears that they have toasted it again right before putting in the Scottish spirit. How does this affect maturation? Well I guess you just have to read the tasting notes to find out.

Distillery: Glen Moray

Age: 20 Years Old

Cask: 1st Fill Hogshead Toasted Oak

ABV: 57.9%

Price: £76.60 for members, £153.20 for non-members from SMWS
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