Cadenhead’s Balblair 24 Year Old 52.3%


Distillery: Balblair

Age: 24

Distilled: 1990

Bottled: January 2015

Number of Bottles: 180

Wood Type: Bourbon Barrel

ABV: 52.2%

Price: £76.50 from Cadenhead



Grassy with some meatiness to it. Like teriyaki beef jerky. A bit peppery. A savory sweetness like teriyaki.


Oh wow very bold start. Just rushes your tongue with bright lemon notes. Very upbeat and zingy. Lemony like from a lemon meringue pie. Some maltiness and a bit of cream. I just keep thinking of lemon meringue pie with a malty crust and whipped sugary meringue. A light oak or cedar background. Makes me think og eating a lemon meringue pie in an old style Japanese wooden house. Go figure.


Lemon zest and wood spice. Nice and lasting. Clings to the tongue and coats the mouth.




Despite being 24 years old this is quite vibrant dram. I really enjoy the lemon on this. I think some people might find it to be a bit overwhelming but for me it’s got just that right kind of different. I like whiskies with surprises and this one is like a kinder surprise. The nose doesn’t seem to give up too much of what lies in wait in the taste. With a nice long finish, I find this quite enjoyable.


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