SMWS 50.65 (Bladnoch) Tutti Frutti


Cask strength old Bladnoch? Yes please! I am always on a lookout for an SMWS bottling of Bladnoch. Or any Bladnoch for that matter. Interesting thing about this outturn is that on the menu there is a “Closed Distillery” stamp on the description for this bottling. This is interesting for several reasons. First of all, I guess SMWS are pushing to incite the current whisky frenzy for closed distilleries. Secondly, Bladnoch is down right now due to issues with the ownership but calling it a closed distillery right now is a bit too soon and sounds like a joke in poor taste. C’mon guys! It’s just down on its luck! Don’t kick it while it’s down. In all seriousness, I hope Bladnoch gets back on its feet because there isn’t much Bladnoch whisky out there as it is and I don’t want to fight in a post apocalyptic whisky world for the last remaining bottles of this elixir.

Moniker: Tutti Frutti

Distillery: Bladnoch

Age: 25 years old

Cask: Refill Bourbon

ABV: 52.5%

Distill Date: 26th January 1990

Outturn: July 2015

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SMWS 27.109 (Springbank) Guns on the Grouse Moor


Haven’t seen too many Springbanks in the SMWS lineup as of late so I was quite excited when this bad boy popped up on the menu. I have a theory about the rarity of independent bottled Springbanks that goes like this: Springbank owns the independent bottler Cadenheads so why would they sell casks to competing independent bottlers? Right? I dunno maybe it’s a crackpot theory. Anyway, great to see a Springbank at SMWS.

Moniker: Guns on the Grouse Moor

Distillery: Springbank

Age: 16 years old

Cask: Refill Gorda

ABV: 58.3%

Distill Date: 31st May 1998

Outturn: June 2015

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