Hibiki Harmony Blended Whisky

Hibiki_HarmonyAnd here comes the third addition to the flagship NAS Suntory whiskies completing their all star trifecta. First it was the Yamazaki and Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve and now this, Hibiki Harmony. The NAS (No Age Statement) movement is catching momentum in the Scotch industry but it has practically taken over the Japanese whisky industry. Nikka discontinued all their age statement single malt core expressions and are releasing new NAS whiskies to fill the void. While Suntory now have a new starter range for each of its three big “brands”. Interestingly enough, the Hibiki Harmony is priced just about the same as the Hibiki 12. So it’s probably somewhat inevitable for prices on the 12 to shoot up in the near future. Or perhaps the 12 will vanish like so many others. Only time will tell.

One thing I find interesting is the naming. Hibiki supposedly means “echo” or “resonance”. So this new expression could be translated to “resonance of harmony”. Very acoustic. Perhaps hinting at the cyclical nature of the whisky industry with its booms and busts. I suppose Suntory are quite pleased with the recent popularity of Japanese whiskies which has led to the creation of this NAS bottling. I can only imagine what names they will use when the whisky bubble bursts.

Type: Blended Whisky

Distilleries: Yamazaki, Hakushu, Chita (presumably)

Age: NAS

ABV: 43%

Price:  ~£50 (£49.99 at Master of Malt)

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