Glenfarclas £511.19s.0d Family Reserve

Glenfarclas_511At first glance, you might think it’s a bit weird to put the price of the whisky right on the front label. Then you might think that this is pretty expensive for an NAS whisky. Well fear not, that’s not the price of the bottle on the label. That’s the price of the distillery.

Perhaps some explanation is in order. Glanfarclas distillery was licensed in 1836 by Robert Hay. For reasons unknown (but speculated to be due to health issues) Robert sold the distillery to John Grant in 1865 for £511.19s.0d. 1865 happens to be 150 years ago. So this expression was released to commemorate the 150th year of Grant ownership of the Glenfarclas distillery. Hence the name. As you may know Glenfarclas is one of the last remaining family owned distilleries. The Grant’s are still in posession of this fine establishment and they seemed to have a liking for the names John and George. The succession of owners goes something like this: John, George/John, George, George, and John.

Distillery: Glenfarclas Distillery

Cask Type: Mostly first fill sherry butts

Age: NAS

ABV: 43%

Price:  ~£90  (£82.79 from the Master of Malt)

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