Glenlivet XXV 25 Year Old

Glenlivet_25With that uber fancy packing and the Glenlivet name, you can bet that this expression is going to cost you. I first tried this expression at the Whisky Stramash 2014 in Edinburgh. I have to admit that I tried it out of pure curiosity and with a bit of skepticism but I was pleasantly surprised along with my friend from the Whiskyphiles. I managed to acquire some more samples so that AliceInWhiskyland and I could have a proper review.

Distillery: Glenlivet

Age: 25

Cask: Olorosso Sherry Finish

ABV: 43%

Price: £198.49 from Master of Malt



Deep rich caramel toffee oak cinnamon and apple pie. Honey suckles in summer. A bit of apple pie crusty covered in apple glaze.


Oh very rich. The flavour is deep and saturates. Stewed fruits and mulled wine spices like cinnamon and anise. Lovely fresh oak. Very balanced and mature. Coats the mouth wonderfully and is so lively. A bit spicy. Great interplay of poached pears, apple pie filling, peach pie filling, pie crust, cinnamon and oak.


Long. Peach cobbler. Canned peach syrup. Cinnamon. Bright fresh cut oak.




My first single malt was the Glenlivet 12 so maybe I’m a bit partial to the distillery but the 25 seems to me to be the epitome of what most people look for in a whisky. It’s smooth and complex, sweet yet stern, and exceedingly elegant. The balance is fantastic and there are no funky notes. I can’t imagine anyone who appreciates whisky not liking this one. It might not be a sherry bomb or a peat monster which means it might not garner a cult following but I imagine this is what people looked for in whisky before all the fierce flavour trends began. When I sip this, I think of a gentleman or gentle lady sitting in an old library with a fire going and lounging about in a leather arm chair with a glass in hand. They probably wouldn’t approve of the run on sentence.



Fresh pears, esters, wet bark and a hint of honey.


Dried fruit and brandy. Vanilla beans, maple syrup with a hint of chili.


Smooth and mellow.




Very nice dram. Easy to drink and well rounded.


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