SMWS 29.173 (Laphroaig) Forget Time and Space


Another SMWS Laphroaig! It seems they have been churning these out pretty consistently over the past few months. Great to see but I wonder how much longer this will continue. Well let’s enjoy this while it lasts. I must admit that although all the SMWS names are a bit silly and you really shouldn’t judge a whisky by its name, I am a sucker for advertising and this one definitely got me.

Bottler: SMWS

Distillery: Laphroaig

SMWS Code: 29.173

Age: 16

Cask: Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel

ABV: 59.8%

Distill Date: 1 July 1999

Outturn: November 2015

Bottle Numbers: 250

Price: £73.70


Slight rubbery roasted peanuts smoked BBQ and peat fire. With bright light open ocean sweetness menthol. Sun screen by the beach showers of Santa Monica and Venice beach.


Oh boy immediately a mixture of medicinal sweet fruity olive juice peaty briny fruitiness. Lovely mixture of flavours. Super complex and just awesome.


Long bright metallic sweetness with overtones of delicious peat and peanut brittle with fruit and Arbroath smokies.




This was the last dram I had for the night and it sure was good. I really loved the way those contrasting flavours came together. It was exciting to see what else came up with each new sip. The flavours were also more immediate and in your face which is something I really enjoy and look for in a whisky. This was my favourite out of the drams I had at the preview tasting. Definitely a fun dram.


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