Macallan Sienna



The Macallan Sienna is part of the NAS whisky range from Macallan known as the 1824 series. The series was first released in Europe to take the place of Macallan’s well known and loved age statement whiskies such as the 12 and 18 year old sherry cask. While the 12 and 18 are still being produced their availability in Europe has diminished and their prices dramatically increased. The Sienna is the third to lowest priced whisky in the range which consists of the core expressions Gold, Amber, Sienna, and Ruby with increasing prices in that order. Supposedly, this range was introduced due to their inability to keep up with demands for their age statement whiskies given their current stocks.

If you want to know a little bit more about the range see the post about the Macallan Amber.

I tried this expression at a Water of life Society tasting run by Matt Byerly in which we compared 2 expressions from the 1824 series and 2 aged expression. We also tried a Gordon and MacPhail Speymalt 9 year old for comparison. The tasting was blind and we were handed pieces of paper to rank the whiskies. And the results? Well it seemed like the Sienna and the Macallan 18 were tied for first. So I suppose that says something about this expression. I preferred the 18 but the Sienna was number 2.

Distillery: Macallan Distillery

Age: No Age Statement

Cask: Sherry Casks

ABV: 43%

Price: £62.87 at the Master of Malt




Feisty spirity. Gummy candies and fruit leather. Methodical oak. It’s there and steady and not over our under represented. Bit of savoury sulphury tang.


Really up front bright fruit berry sweetness. Fiery. Cinnamon. Burnt oak. Light bit of tannins and savoury bite.


Caramel and new cardboard. Light oak bitterness.




It has this spritely feel to it that I enjoy. The flavours are up front and very accessible. The finish is a bit simple but still enjoyable. Overall quite an enjoyable dram.




Clean car smell. Plastic and rubber. Hardware store in a glass. Citrus cleaners.


Bold and mechanical moving to a curious fruity note- dried apricots, golden berries.


Lingering rubber and astringent.




An interesting dram with an unexpected twist on the palate. Too bold for my taste and sweet tooth. But can see where this punchy dram has a place in the whisky market.


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