SMWS 33.133 Ardbeg (Whipped with happiness)


This here expression/bottling was released in February of this year along with the 33.143. Just a couple months before that in November of 2015, SMWS released the 33.132. So I like to think of these as the SMWS Ardbeg trio since they were released about the same time and they are all 8 years old from a second fill ex-sherry cask. Triplets if you will. One thing to note about the 33.143 is that it was actually a typo and the the code was supposed to be 33.134 which makes sense considering the ordering. I find it amusing because I have noticed a lot of issues with the descriptions not matching the whiskies on the website. So clearly SMWS was having some trouble with their systems. Wouldn’t mind consulting for a whisky fee!

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