Meals on Wheels Whiskey Raffle


Well it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything and part of that has to do with non-whisky related busy-ness and part of that has to do with a general sense of gloom from the news. But alas we have found inspiration in a worthy cause!

The Meals on Wheels People (Oregon) contacted us with some news that they are running a whiskey raffle! In case you are wondering what Meals on Wheels do, here is an exerpt from their website:

“We enrich the lives of seniors, and assist them in maintaining independence, by providing nutritious food, human connections and social support. We also use our expertise and capacity to serve other nutritionally at-risk populations.”

The isolation and malnutrition of the elderly is one of the unseen tragedies of modern society. For a more visceral description watch this video:


Anyway, on to the raffle!

What’s the prize? The winner of the raffle gets:

One bottle of 1980 vintage O.F.C. Bourbon released by Buffalo Trace Distillery (valued at $10,000). The O.F.C. Bourbon range was released by Buffalo Trace to commemorate the original distillery at the site (then named O.F.C.) which was established in 1870 by Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. The bottles have been made available exclusively for charities for fundraising purposes. For more information on the O.F.C. bourbon range click here (short description) and here (long description).

But that’s not all! The winner will also receive “two round-trip tickets to Kentucky, a two-night stay in the renowned The Castle Post Hotel and an exclusive tour of Buffalo Trace Distillery.”

For more information on the raffle and to purchase tickets, visit the Meals on Wheels site.

There are only 300 raffle tickets in total with a price of $100 per ticket. So the chances are pretty good! Contestants must be at least 21 years old. Prizes will only be delivered within the continental USA.

Ticket sales will stop at noon PST February 28th, 2017 and the winner will be drawn at 3pm PST on the same day.



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