Johnnie Walker Green Label


The Johnnie Walker Green Label has returned! In case you missed it, this expression from Johnnie Walker was discontinued in 2012 from all markets except for Taiwan. Why Taiwan? Well they probably have the highest proportion of single malt drinkers of any country. For single malt sales in 2016, Taiwan came in 3rd place after USA and France. 3rd place for a country with a population of 23 million. That’s a third of France and less than a tenth of the US. So naturally the Green Label, which is the only blended malt in the Johnnie Walker core range, had some pull in that market. In 2015, the Green Label was re-released in the US and Canada and then to all markets in 2016. It is this newer batch of Green Label that I am reviewing in this post but I have also had the good fortune to try the Green Label from before the discontinuation. I can easily say that the two are different. I prefered the older style as did some of my friends who were at the tasting but hey it’s gone so this is what we have now!

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