Inchmurrin Madeira Wood Finish


Well well well, another Madeira finished whisky. I’m not shy about my love of Madeira matured whiskies. I think out of the three current official Inchmurrin bottlings this kind of ties together the funky nature of the spirit. The combination of the unusual character from the rectifier modified pot stills and the madeira finishing puts this expression way out there in terms of the flavour charts. We had this at the Inchmurrin tweet tasting and it was my favourite of the three.


Distillery: Loch Lomond

Age: NAS

Cask: Ex-bourbon casks and then finished in Madeira wine casks

ABV: 46%

Price: £55





Dried bananas. It has that stinky sweet smell of dried bananas or almost durian fruit. Minty like a mint julep. Salty tang like marmite. Kind of like stinky tofu too. Bit of pumpkin. Vietnamese coffee candies.


Zingy bright sweetness with a bit of funky undertones of oily exotic fruits. The initial sweetness reminds me of the longrow red pinot noir. It’s a mix of dried flowers, dried bananas, fried bananas, and durian.


Durian fruit shake, dried bananas.




Another funky one like the 12 and 18 but the Madeira notes seem to tie it all together better for me. Definitely a complex dram and perplexing to say the least. Would recommend trying this if you can. It might be that diamond in the rough for you.


Pefume, painter’s easel, butterscotch, honey.


Soft sweetness of honeydew melon, vanilla, fresh fruit, pear drops.


Trailing bitter apple.




I liked how this dram was complex yet still quite light and sweet.


Image at top taken from the Loch Lomond Group Website:


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