Kilchoman Sauternes 4th Club Release 2015


Oh boy! I was excited when I saw the news about this one! A heavily peated sauternes cask whisky? Yes please! Kilchoman? Yes please! This is the 4th club release from Kilchoman, which may mean that we will see a larger general release much like the Madeira cask expression. Let’s hope!

Update! As of September 2016 Kilchoman haqve launched their first general release of the Kilchoman Sauternes Cask Matured.

This release came from 3 Sauternes casks which resulted in only 909 bottles. Distilled in January of 2011 and bottled in 2015, the whisky is 4 years old. Oh yeah full maturation! Not finished.

Distillery: Kilchoman Distillery

Age: NAS (but really 4 years)

Distill Date: January 2011

Bottle date: 2015

Cask: Sauternes Casks

ABV: 60%

Price: £75




Bright fruity sweetness mixed with intoxicating herbal peatiness. The fruit and peat really meld together well.


Immediate rush of sweet lively fruits and fiery peat. Trails into a licorice mix of sweet and herbal flavours. The fruits are slightly acidic, slightly astringent. Tart. Fruits like white grapes, apricots, and loquats.


Long fruity licorice mix of sweetness. Lingering cool herbaceous peat.




Oh joy! I was a bit apprehensive about this one since it’s my first experience with a heavily peated sauternes matured whisky. I thought surely if it were a good mix someone would have done it before. Well after trying it, I don’t know why they haven’t. It’s wonderful. It’s refreshingly unique and powerful in its character. I definitely recommend everyone to try it.




Candied bacon, sweet, salty, smoke. Hints of crisp/acidic fruit.


Sweet peat out of the gates. Mellows to a spicy sweet like a cinnamon bun.


Medicinal iodine lingers to a long finish.




Really liked the combination of sweetness and peat. Tickles my fancy.


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