Royal Brackla 12 Year Old


Royal Brackla, sounds fancy doesn’t it? In 1835 Royal Brackla became the first Scottish distillery to receive the Royal title. It was King William IV who granted the title as they supplied whisky to the royal court. Just so you know there are only 3 distilleries with “Royal” in their titles: Royal Brackla, Glenury Royal, and Royal Lochnagar.

Most of the whisky at Royal Brackla goes into blends presumably Dewar’s as they are owned by Dewar’s/Bacardi. However, just this year they launched a new single malt range with the 12, 16, and 21 year old. This coincides with single malt releases from Aultmore and Craigellachie (also owned by Dewar’s).

We tried a dram of the 12 year old at WOLS tasting.

Distillery: Royal Brackla

Age: 12 Years Old

Cask: Finished in First Filled Oloroso Sherry Casks

ABV: 40%

Price: £41.75




Apple juice, middle aged ladies perfume, apple fruit gummies. Very Rich sticky sweetness.


Cloying fruity sweetness with bitter notes like sucking a leather purse. Apple candies. Bit of red licorice mix of flavours. Good complexity but hard to define. Tart fruits like a mixed fruit tart with glaze. Nice mouth feel. Sticks to the gums.


Crisp fresh oak bitterness. Slight caramel. Wine tannins.




This has a very satisfying feel. It’s smooth and surprisingly complex. Not just a bourbony 12 year old. That finish has added just a enough fruity  spice to the mix. It’s a bit pricey for a 12 year old but definitely a quality dram.




Fresh cut wood in a lumber yard. Horlicks, hints of vanilla and toffee.


Coffee grounds, burnt toast, hints of tobacco, beeswax, and wet leaves.


Bitter and slightly medicinal on the finish.




Interesting dram unlike the more conservative expressions in the same age group. This one is pushing the bar for more complex younger expressions.




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