Port Charlotte 2007 CC:01


We tried the new Port Charlotte 2007 CC:01 at a Bruichladdich tweet tasting on April 14, 2016. Check out @Bruichladdich #WhiskyEx on twitter to see some of the other participants’ notes. This particular expression is travel retail only, so keep an eye out for it at the airport duty free shops (also available at the distillery).

Port Charlotte is a range of expressions from Bruichladdich that is characterised by heavily peated malt. The range is a reference to the whisky that was produced at the now closed Loch Indaal distillery (also known as Port Charlotte distillery, closed 1929). Mark Reynier (Bruichladdich CEO) wanted to reopen the Port Charlotte distillery but well things happened and that wasn’t one of them. So the alternative? Make Port Charlotte at Bruichladdich.

So what’s with the unusual naming of this particular expression? Well the 2007 refers to the year of distillation, CC presumably refers to Cognac Casks, and I suspect “01” refers to the this being the first in a line of expressions from Cognac casks. So it’s a pretty cool code that defines a lot of the provenance of this whisky. Seeing as how Bruichladdich have been pretty modern with their transparency, craft/origin ethos, and marketting, this naming fits right in. Being a systematic being myself, I like it.

For more info see the article about this expression at the Bruichladdich site.


Distillery: Bruichladdich

Age: 8 years old

Cask: French Oak (insinuated to be ex-Cognac casks)

ABV: 57.8%

Price: ~£63 as seen on the Bruichladdich site





Sharp tangy peat smokiness. Green like fresh cut grass. A bonfire with old dock wood logs. A seaside breeze with vegetation and salt and ships. Savoury like a sauce for meat. Almost like Worcestershire sauce in a way.


Burning peat right away. It then slowly rolls away to reveal a sweet herbal tea with ginseng. From the middle to end a strong metallic sweetness. Has a bit of new shoe rubber sweetness and this kind of winey tartness.


The exhale from a cigar and chewing tobacco and ginseng tea. Reminds me of the breath of an ancient sailor.




It’s definitely a fun dram. Feels very earthy and haggardly ship people. It has guts and gusto with strong clear flavours which work together to create a palate landscape. I call it “life at sea”. It feels like it’s always changing and yet its character remains the same.




Passing through the peat, rich and creamy, cooked peaches with runny toffee and vanilla ice cream.


Peaty punch to the face followed by rich fruit notes, vanilla and trailing bark/oak notes.


Lingering peat and wood fire.




Something more than just a peaty dram, the complexity adds depth and character. Great dram for the peaty freak seeking something new.


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