The Laddie Eight


We tried the new Bruichladdich Laddie 8 at a Bruichladdich tweet tasting on April 14, 2016. Check out @Bruichladdich #WhiskyEx on twitter to see some of the other participants’ notes. This particular expression is travel retail only, so keep an eye out for it at the airport duty free shops. The ‘Laddie’ range of whiskies was started to emphasize that age does not define the quality of a whisky. These expressions show case “young” whiskies that exhibit great flavour and character. Hence the punny name. As per usual for Bruichladdich the whisky is not chill-filtered and no caramel colouring is used, which means this is au naturale whisky. It’s also bottled at a nice 50% which is good because younger whiskies typically have a high ABV which means they are usually diluted more to make that 40-43% standard ABV. So you get more whisky for your mula.

For more information check out their website.

Distillery: Bruichladdich

Age: 8 Years Old

Cask: American and European Oak Casks

ABV: 50%

Price: ~£63 as seen on the Bruichladdich site





Creamy custard and bannoffee pie. A distinct light rubbery character that seems to be part of the Bruichladdich style. Light minty kind of vending machine toy plastic. A sharp astringent kind of sweetness like crab apples.


A nutty creamy sweetness with bright fruits of summer like apricots and berries. Again with that minty plastic. There is this interesting mix of flavours that is like some kind of industrial sweetness and licorice. A smokiness too.


Creamy and slightly shoe rubbery sweetness. A light bitterness like liking a pencil eraser.




find this to be quite different in a subtle way if that makes any sense. It has the essence of a Bourbon cask matured whisky but there are a lot of other things going on like the rubbery licorice notes. The character of the spirit is very distinct which is nice. I’m not sure if this would be pleasing for everyone but it definitely fills a whisky niche.




Fresh crisp pear moving to a more syrupy pear drop note. Some vanilla bean bark and oak notes to follow.


Some peppercorn initially but moves to a creamy toffee vanilla notes, peaches and cream.


Spicy notes linger.




Delicious summer dram, complex and unique – but still has the bruichladdich trademark characteristic.


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