Glencadam 10 Year Old


Glencadam distillery has always been a bit of a puzzle to me. Founded in 1825, it is one of the oldest running distilleries in Scotland and yet it’s still quite unkown. Or at least it doesn’t seem to have the cult following that other distilleries of similar heritage have enjoyed. It’s awkwardly positioned north of the firth of Tay and thus has a bit of an identity crisis when trying to categorize it by region. Some might call it a highland malt and others say midland. It’s not technically in the highlands but it’s pretty close. It definitely isn’t lowland. It just kind of sits there near the east coast of Scotland right off a major road and yet no one seems to notice.

In 2003, the company Angus Dundee purchased Glencadam distillery from Allied Domecq and began revamping the brand. Angus Dundee also own Tomintoul and they mostly produce for blends which may explain why both Tomintoul and Glencadam haven’t seen much of a spotlight on the whisky shelves. The Glencadam 10 was released in 2008 with a modern decision not to chill filter or colour. So this is pure whisky (with a touch fo water to bring the ABV down). This is actually the first whisky I tasted with the University of Edinburgh Water of Life Society and coincidentally I tried it again at their first tasting of this year. Slainte!

Distillery: Glencadam Distillery

Age: 10 years old

Cask: NA

ABV: 46%

Price: £33.77 at the Master of Malt





Lingon berry jam, baked apples. Toasted ginger bread. Twizzlers.


Toffee sweetness. Smooth syrup coats the palate. Twinkies. Astringent bitter oak.


Light bitter oak. Quick and neat.




A smooth easy dram with a bit of a bitter tart finish, this is probably good for beginners. Easy drinking. Don’t think about it too much. Just enjoy the conversation. Not a brooding dram.



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