Chivas Regal 18 Year Old


I don’t think much introduction is needed for Chivas Regal. But in case you’d like to brush up on the brand, we’ve got a bit of information in our post for the Chivas Regal 12 Year Old. Something I’d like to put into perspective as well is that Chivas Regal is one of those original gangster whisky makers that pushed whisky into the global commodity that it is. The Chivas brothers sold their first blend in the 1850‘s. This is basically during the birth of whisky as we know it today (bottled and advertised as opposed to something more akin to moonshine). For some context, Andrew Usher II marketed the first blend in 1853. Johnnie Walker began blending in 1867. The date for Dewar’s first blend is unclear but estimates say around 1860 or 1870. So Chivas is right there at the beginning. Pretty neat to think of the heritage here. Anyway, the current core line up consists of a 12 yo, 18 yo and 25 yo. We tried the 18 year old at the WOLS “Beauty of the Blend” tasting.

Type: Blend

Age: 18 Years Old

Cask: No information available

ABV: 40%

Price: £50.14 at the Master of Malt





Dried rose petals, custard, toffee apples. Cotton candy. Wardrobe varnish with Cedar. Light incense.


Toffee sweetness with a wisp of smoke. Hint of maraschino cherries. Crème brulee. Slight coffee note like tiramisu. Saw dust. Wood sap. Cherry cough syrup. Porridge with golden syrup.


Lingering of smoke. Cherry cough syrup. Caramel cookies. Salt taffee.




The nose offers a very gentle perfumey introduction and the whole affair is rather polite like 18th century British aristocracy. Think Jane Austen. It’s smooth through and through with hints of more flavour like the faint outline of the mountains in older landscape paintings. It’s a blend. If you like blends I can’t see why you wouldn’t like this. Perhaps not as exciting but would be a nice courage charm in a crowded party.



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2 thoughts on “Chivas Regal 18 Year Old

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