Cadenhead Creations Yellow Stripe Blend 23 Year Old


While Cadenhead’s may be known for their superb collection of single cask and cask strength whiskies, they’ve been quietly introducing more and more blends under their “Creations” label. These curious offerings seem to be almost the antithesis to blending culture with no chill filtration, no colouring added, and no dilution. That’s right! Cask strength blends! The Creations blends also come with age statements and in some cases vintages and are released in small batches. So basically they’ve brought their philosphy for single cask whiskies to the blending world.

Currently the Creations range seems to be split into 3 catergories that are denoted by a coloured stripe on the label.

Red – Rich Fruity Sherry

Yellow – Light Creamy Vanilla

Grey – Robust Smoky Embers

In terms of identifying a specific batch, you’ll need the stripe colour, age, and ABV. This is our first taste of the Creations range but hopefully we’ll get some more! We tasted this at the WOLS “Beauty of the Blend” tasting.


Type: Blend

Age: 23 Years Old

Cask: No information available

ABV: 51.6%

Price: £58.40 from Cadenheads




Cream soda, refreshing ocean surf deoderant. Green apples. With water it has this interesting stinky tofu kind of character to it.


Dark caramel, sticky toffee pudding, cream puffs, profiteroles. Waxy chocolate like ice cream chocolate flakes. A bit of this oily grippy flavour. Hint of rubber bands.


Velvety caramel with very light milk chocolate. Light oak tartness.




Definitely prefer this undiluted. Once you add water it becomes more like a typical blend but undiluted it has this vibrant grippy ebullient personality. It doesn’t feel too complicated but has strong flavours that carry it through. The way it changes with water makes it quite a versatile dram. You can water it down for new drinkers or keep it cask strength for the more experienced whisky peoples.


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