SMWS 10.83 Bunnahabhain Incredibly Awesome!


Distillery: Bunnahabhain

SMWS Name: Incredibly Awesome!

Age: 9 years

Distilled: 2005/12/20

Cask: Refill Barrel

ABV: 58.8%

Price: £63.40 from SMWS



Woohoo weirdness! Old gym socks, tyres, an old ladies perfume. rubbery. Slight sulphur. Burning tyres.


Peat spice. Tangy sweetness. Kind of sour like sour candies. A bit of toffee in the background.


Herbal peat tang. Really kicks it in and settles. That tang really lasts as with the peat rolling off the tongue for a long while. Super long finish. Just doesn’t quit. Feels like I’ve been sitting around a campfire and it’s at the point where people are throwing in green shrubbery to burn. Moss and wet wood. Medicinal at the end.

Rating: 8


What a name huh? Kind doesn’t leave much room for improvement. Not sure I understand the name but this is one of those super funky drams that you look for when you need something different. Kind of puts things in perspective. I enjoyed it.

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