SMWS 26.110 Clynelish Breakfast Reverie

Distillery: Clynelish

SMWS Name: Breakfast Reverie

Age: 10

Distilled: 2004/6/3

Cask: First fill barrel

ABV: 58.5%

Price: £50.40 from SMWS



Open green-ness. Reminds me of sitting on the porch of a cabin in the middle of a lush forest. The sweetness of spring in the deep woods. Yosemite. That mix of sweet foliage and flowers. Reminds me of Hakushu in green-ness. Kind of like custard with grass jelly.


Honey suckle. Sweet herbaceous nectar. Hard sweet candies. A bit watery in the mid to late body but it makes it more open. Not forceful. Sort of gentle. Maybe could use a bit more force.


Waxy and sweet. A bit of spice. Maybe some cinnamon. Lasts a good while.




This is a gentle dram with a good finish. I think this would be a good one for getting someone, who is sort of getting into whisky, more into whisky. If that makes sense.


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