SMWS 50.65 (Bladnoch) Tutti Frutti


Cask strength old Bladnoch? Yes please! I am always on a lookout for an SMWS bottling of Bladnoch. Or any Bladnoch for that matter. Interesting thing about this outturn is that on the menu there is a “Closed Distillery” stamp on the description for this bottling. This is interesting for several reasons. First of all, I guess SMWS are pushing to incite the current whisky frenzy for closed distilleries. Secondly, Bladnoch is down right now due to issues with the ownership but calling it a closed distillery right now is a bit too soon and sounds like a joke in poor taste. C’mon guys! It’s just down on its luck! Don’t kick it while it’s down. In all seriousness, I hope Bladnoch gets back on its feet because there isn’t much Bladnoch whisky out there as it is and I don’t want to fight in a post apocalyptic whisky world for the last remaining bottles of this elixir.

Moniker: Tutti Frutti

Distillery: Bladnoch

Age: 25 years old

Cask: Refill Bourbon

ABV: 52.5%

Distill Date: 26th January 1990

Outturn: July 2015

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SMWS 27.109 (Springbank) Guns on the Grouse Moor


Haven’t seen too many Springbanks in the SMWS lineup as of late so I was quite excited when this bad boy popped up on the menu. I have a theory about the rarity of independent bottled Springbanks that goes like this: Springbank owns the independent bottler Cadenheads so why would they sell casks to competing independent bottlers? Right? I dunno maybe it’s a crackpot theory. Anyway, great to see a Springbank at SMWS.

Moniker: Guns on the Grouse Moor

Distillery: Springbank

Age: 16 years old

Cask: Refill Gorda

ABV: 58.3%

Distill Date: 31st May 1998

Outturn: June 2015

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Major Whisky Producing Countries

Scotch Whisky

I suppose the most famous region for producing whisky is Scotland. In Scotland the Scotch Whisky Association makes rules for what can be called whisky in Scotland. Scottish whiskies must be aged for at least 3 years in oak casks and the only ingredients allowed are water, grain, and yeast. Even though it is well recognized that a great deal of the flavour of whisky comes from the oak casks, it is not termed in ingredient (which I find strange).

The most commonly sold and consumed Scotch whisky is the blend. A blended whisky is made up of malt whisky and grain whisky. Malt whisky is made from malted barley and grain whisky can be made from any type of grain. Single malt whiskies are malt whiskies that come from a single distillery.

Irish Whiskey

There is some controversy over who produced whisk(e)y first, the Scots or the Irish. Either way, Irish whiskey has just as long a history as Scotch whisky. Notice that I am spelling whisky for Scotch and whiskey for Ireland. That’s the convention which has something to do with Irish distillers trying to differentiate their product from what they believed was inferior Scotch whisky. Instead of malt whisky, a lot of Irish distilleries produce partially malt whisky. Basically, they mix malted barley with unmalted barley to make the beer that is then distilled into spirit. This has something to do with a tax that was put on malted barley back in the old times and the traditon lives on. Some Irish distilleries do produce malt whisky but a majority of them focus on making whisky for blends.
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SMWS 70.10 Balblair Teenage Shenanigans


Well this is exciting. You don’t see too many independent bottlings of Balblair. Add on to that a single cask and cask strength and you’ve got yourself a special treat, not to mention the young age which is actually very refreshing.

Distillery: Balblair

SMWS Name: Teenage Shenanigans

Age: 9 years

Distilled: 2005/5/11

Cask: Refill Barrel

ABV: 58.5%

Price: £44.00 from SMWS

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SMWS 127.42 Port Charlotte Peat Freak Heaven


This is the second newest bottling of Port Charlotte by SMWS (127.43 is currently the newest) and one of the oldest bottlings of Port Charlotte at the moment. Port Charlotte is the heavily peated whisky produced by the Bruichladdich Distillery. This particular bottling was released just after SMWS started restricting sales of certain whiskies to phone orders at specific times of day. I suspect SMWS has implemented this new sales strategy to prevent people from hoarding whiskies with potential collectors value. Since the Port Charlotte distilling began in 2001, you won’t find much older than this right now.

Bottler: SMWS

Distillery: Bruichladdich (Port Charlotte)

SMWS Name: Peat Freak Heaven

Age: 12 years

Distilled: 2002/6/21

Number of Bottles: 127

Cask: Refill Bourbon

ABV: 63%

Price: £61.30 from SMWS

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