SMWS 70.10 Balblair Teenage Shenanigans


Well this is exciting. You don’t see too many independent bottlings of Balblair. Add on to that a single cask and cask strength and you’ve got yourself a special treat, not to mention the young age which is actually very refreshing.

Distillery: Balblair

SMWS Name: Teenage Shenanigans

Age: 9 years

Distilled: 2005/5/11

Cask: Refill Barrel

ABV: 58.5%

Price: £44.00 from SMWS



Sweet dried flowers like potpourri. Reminds me of taking a bath in a fancy marble bathroom with rose petals sprinkled on the floor and potpourri. A bit of that cloying sweetness that almost becomes salty from potpourri. Also kind of like gummy candies. Haribo.


Really smooth and enveloping sweetness that coats the mouth. Still floral. Maybe something like freeze dried sugared rose petals served over amaretto ice cream. Haribo chewies. Slight bit of herbs like sniffing a cigar.


Gentle and long lasting sweetness. Amaretto. Vanilla. Slightly tart.




Quite tasty. Very sweet. If you like candy, you’ll probably like this. Could drink it all night.

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